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Emergencies: +27 (0)73 357 3113
2 Clyde Street, Woodstock
Cape Town, South Africa


Practice No.: 0860000386545
HPCSA Registration No.: PS 0109231
Languages: Fluent in English & Afrikaans


I charge medical aid rates that are tailored to your specific medical aid. For example if you are with Discovery I claim directly from them and charge according to their specific rate. This way I can guarantee that there will be no surcharges.

Please note that apart from the amount claimed from the medical aid an additional R850 will be charged for the writing of the report as this is a lengthy process which is not covered by medical aid. This amount must be paid privately before the date of the actual assessment.

An assessment can range from 3-4 hours depending on the age of the child, the kind of assessment that is done and the speed at which the child is able to work.

My all-inclusive private patient rates for parents who are not on medical aid are listed below:

4 hour assessment (High School aged children) = R6,050.00

3 hour assessment (Primary School aged children) = R5,850.00